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Ozon transfers more than 70% of office staff to remote work, delivery and fulfillment hubs remain open under heightened safety measures

With the incidence of COVID-19 once again on the rise, Ozon, one of the largest e-commerce players, is focused on preventing the spread of the disease. 

More than 70% of Ozon's office employees currently work from home. Those who visit the office are regularly tested for COVID via PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing.

Ozon's fulfillment centres and delivery services continue to operate normally while observing enhanced hygiene measures. Staff at warehouses and sorting centres regularly disinfect the premises and equipment, and thermal cameras and thermometres are used to measure employees’ temperature. Fulfillment centre employees are required to use masks and disinfectants.

Ozon pays special attention to the safety of our customers and employees when delivering parcels. We conduct regular pre-trip check-ups for couriers, who are required to use personal protective equipment on the hob. Ozon’s contactless delivery service reduces the number of interactions between customers and couriers, thereby ensuring the safety of both parties. Employees also use personal protective equipment at delivery pick-up points, and we urge customers to observe the same rule when picking up their orders.

Ozon’s logistics infrastructure is prepared for another possible increase in demand as the COVID situation develops, and the Company will maintain a high level of service during the busy holiday season. Thanks to our logistics platform-based model, Ozon is able to quickly and flexibly scale its delivery throughput.
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