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Online platform Ozon has disclosed figures on its Ozon.Card for the first time

From March, monthly turnover for Ozon.Card totaled 600 million rubles, or 45% more than in the winter months. Self-isolation measures have boosted growth, as Russians began doing most of their shopping online and searching for new instruments that can provide additional benefits for online shopping. While quarantine measures have now been eased, customers haven’t stopped shopping online and using Ozon.Card. Some 16,000 new cards were activated in March and April. From May, the number of monthly card activations has grown to 25,000.  

Ozon.Card has become a convenient payment tool beyond shopping on Ozon. More than 45% of the total 4 million rubles spent by Ozon.Card holders were spent outside of Ozon. Most often, these purchases were made at restaurants and cafes, including for home delivery orders. Therefore, it seems that Ozon’s banking product has proven to be a convenient tool for everyday purchases and not just for use on e-commerce platforms. 

At Ozon, every second order made with Ozon.Card contains home electronics, clothing or household goods, making them the most frequent product categories purchased with this card. After Ozon customers activate their Ozon.Card, their spending on the e-commerce platform grows by 26% on average. Currently, Ozon.Card holders make about four online orders a month, which is considered a great indicator, even for developed countries, where e-commerce penetration is 3-4 times higher than Russia’s. 

The most active Ozon.Card users are located in Moscow and the Moscow Region, where Ozon.Card was first rolled out. The card is also popular in other areas of the country with Novosibirsk region, Leningrad region and Krasnodar region accounting for 50% of all activated cards.

“Ozon.Card enables us to increase the frequency of purchases on our platform, while giving our customers a convenient and secure payment tool, which they can use for online shopping and for other everyday purchases alike. It’s notable that the card has also helped attract new customers. Some 10% of Ozon.Card holders began shopping on Ozon after activating their card,’’ says Vae Ovasapyan, Vice President of Digital Financial Services at Ozon.

Center of Financial Technologies is the tech partner for Ozon.Card and Credit Union 'Payment Center' Ltd. is the card issuer. Ozon.Card is free to use for one year from its activation date.Card holders get cash back bonuses for purchases they make anywhere around the world, with one bonus point equivalent to one ruble. The cash back bonus for purchases made on Ozon range from 5% to 25%, while the bonus for purchases made outside of the e-commerce platform total 1.5%. Ozon plans to launch courier delivery of Ozon.Card and start delivering the card to parcel lockers in the nearest future, as well as expand the number of partnership programs benefiting Ozon.Card holders.

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