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Ozon launches tipping service for couriers

Ozon, a leading multi-category online platform, has launched its 'tip a courier' service. This new service, available on the Ozon app, lets customers leave a tip for the courier who delivered their order within two weeks of receiving it. 

Now any consumer has the option to tip their courier. The Ozon app suggests several different tipping options, varying by amount. Depending on how the order was paid for, tips can be left via Apple Pay or bank card. Going forward, Ozon will incorporate even more payment methods. 

During the first few hours of the pilot launch, customers left almost 200 tips, with an average tip of 110 roubles. 

At present, the system only lets customers tip a test group of couriers. Over time, however, the Company plans to extend this option across all of its network of couriers.

"The ability to leave tips exists in the taxi and delivery services industries. With this new service, Ozon has brought this option into the online marketplace sector. We intentionally decided to launch this service towards the end of the year ahead of the holiday season and the subsequent big uptick in sales. Sales tend to rise substantially during this part of the year, and as a result, so does the workload of our couriers. This service is a win-win for all. Customers can now thank their couriers, while couriers can receive acknowledgement and praise for high quality service, " commented Stanislav Kondratyev, Director of Logistics and Customer Service at Ozon.