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The world’s first monument honouring couriers is erected in Moscow

Russia’s top e-commerce and foodtech companies have joined forces to erect a monument honouring the contribution of couriers in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. This is the world’s first monument of its kind, dedicated to this group of frontline workers.

E-commerce giant Ozon, food retailers Perekrestok.ru (part of X5 Retail Group) and Azbuka Vkusa, the Dodo Pizza chain and Delivery Club app commissioned this monument with the support of Possible Group’s creative forces in order to give thanks to the delivery men and women, who have selflessly ensured that people across Russia have access to everything they need during the lockdown.

’’In Moscow alone, there were more than 60,000 couriers working during the lockdown, as demand for delivery services skyrocketed. Many towns across the world are preparing to install monuments to honor doctors and volunteers. We believe it’s also important to highlight the contribution of those frontline workers, who continued delivering essentials across the country, making self-isolation possible for others. With this art installation, we’d like to express our gratitude to all of the people working in delivery services. Every day they go to work, they don’t just deliver goods. They deliver comfort and peace of mind,’’ the e-commerce and foodtech companies commented in a joint statement.

The monument, designed by artist Alexey Garikovich, was installed in Moscow’s Kholodilnyi lane on the grounds of the former Izmeritel factory. Its plaque reads: “Dedicated to those, who made self-isolation possible.”

“During the pandemic, couriers provided the link between the outside world and our homes. They went to work every day, often without even realizing the importance of their contribution. I reflected this idea in the monument. Its form, image and the materials used are related to the history of this city, this country, this space, and every person inhabiting it. Both the negative space of the monument and its placement are symbolic – from the street we see the monument’s interior, while from the court where the monument is installed, we see its exterior,” Garikovich said.

“We are grateful to our couriers and to all of our colleagues on the frontline for their immense dedication and professionalism, which made it possible to move forward full steam ahead during these uncertain times, serving our customers across the country,” said Andrey Pavlovich, Director of Ozon Logistics Services.