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Ozon Express begins regional expansion in St Petersburg

At the launch of operations in St Petersburg, Ozon Express is offering about 10 thousand SKUs and fast delivery in 20 categories – from food to children’s goods and smartphones. Ozon Express will expand its product range in the near future and will also become available in Pushkin, Pavlovsk and other cities in the vicinity of Russia’s Northern Capital.

With its expansion to St Petersburg, the Ozon Express fast delivery service has moved beyond the Moscow region for the first time. The first dark store has opened in the city centre, enabling fast delivery in the Central, Nevsky, Admiralteysky, Petrogradsky, Vasileostrovsky, Kirovsky, Moskovsky and Frunzensky districts, as well as in the south-west along Petergofskoe Shosse, in Avtovo and on Prospekt Veteranov. Customers will be able to receive goods within an hour of placing an order or during the time slot of their choosing.

In early July, Ozon Express is going to open several more dark stores in different parts of St Petersburg, making deliveries available to the entire city. At the same time, the service will be made available to residents of Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Kolpino and Pargolovo as well.

At the start, Ozon Express is going to offer a product range that includes about 10 thousand SKUs in 20 product categories – from fresh food, baked goods and groceries to fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), electronics, products for children, cosmetics and books. As the service develops, the product range will expand to include local grocery producers and suppliers of ready-made food. Several St Petersburg–based companies are already offering their products through Ozon Express, including a line of Bouchée bakeries, the major baked-goods distributor Daniel M, the Sinyavinskaya poultry farm, the dairy producer Rosexpoprom and others.

“The main difference between Ozon Express and the fast delivery services that are already available in St Petersburg is the variety and breadth of the product range. The number of products on offer through Ozon Express is comparable to the selection in a large supermarket. This allows us to deliver not only the typical products that everyone is used to but also rare fruits, sauces, less common groceries and a wide range of FMCG and cosmetics. In addition, by studying the needs of our customers in Moscow, we launched fast delivery for unconventional categories such as electronics, products for mothers and children, and even individual items of clothing and jewellery. We’re glad that the residents of St Petersburg, Ozon’s hometown, can now enjoy these benefits as well”, says Elena Shulgina, Director of Ozon Express.
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