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Ozon.Card goes digital

Ozon.Card, the banking product of the Ozon marketplace, has now become available as a virtual card. Registration for the card can be completed online within several minutes, thanks to a simplified identification process.

Previously, Ozon.Card was issued in the form of a plastic card, which could be ordered on the Ozon website and received at Ozon delivery points at a post office or by courier delivery. Now, there is no need to receive a plastic card – this is especially convenient for residents of Russian regions that have few Ozon delivery points.

The virtual card will retain all the benefits of the original Ozon.Card. Card issuance and maintenance are free. Users will receive 5% cashback in the form of Ozon points for future purchases on the Ozon marketplace and 1% cashback for purchases made via the Ozon.Card wherever Mastercard cards are accepted. A heightened cashback of 25% is offered for purchases from featured product categories of the month on Ozon. Cashback points can be used to pay for purchases on Ozon, with 1 point equivalent to 1 rouble. 

The maximum balance on the Ozon.Card is 60,000 roubles with the option to raise the limit to 300,000 roubles. The virtual card will be stored in the user’s personal account on Ozon and can also be managed through the Ozon.Card mobile app. In addition, the card can be added to users’ Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay digital wallets. The plastic card will retain all its functions for current owners; there is no need to switch to a virtual card.

Vahe Ovasapyan, Vice President of Digital Finance at Ozon, commented:

“Ozon.Card users are among the most loyal and frequent customers on Ozon. Thanks to the card’s attractive cashback offers, cardholders make an average of three purchases per month on the site. At the same time, these customers use the card beyond purchases on the marketplace – in fact, half of their card transactions occur on third-party sites.

We have seen significant demand for the card, but the need for its physical distribution somewhat constrained its spread over the vast territory of the country. That’s why we decided to launch the card in virtual form so that it could be issued online in a few clicks, and customers could start using it within a few minutes."

With the launch of Ozon’s virtual card, the company is transforming its cashback instruments: individual users of the Ozon.Account will be able to instantly register for a digital Ozon.Card and receive 5% cashback instead of 3%, as was previously the case. Therefore, from February 1, the company will no longer grant points through the Ozon.Account and instead recommends that all account holders register for virtual cards in a process that will only take a few minutes.
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