As the company grows and develops,
it increasingly requires a flexible and contemporary brand identity – a visual language for communicating with
a 21st-century audience.
The Ozon brand easily adapts to various messaging formats and audiences, allowing the company to carry out 360º communication – from our outdoor advertising to the adhesive tape on our packaging.
Social media, messaging services and the news have created a visual information culture. That's why we prefer animation to images, and images to text.
A consistent visual language makes the brand recognizable from any point of contact with the audience, be it digital or offline. Whether the user sees an online advertisement or the design of a parcel locker, he immediately recognizes it as Ozon
We live in a fast-changing world. The brand should remain flexible and be able to adapt quickly to new formats and possibilities.
We are polite and considerate towards our customers and always maintain a reasonable distance. At the same time, we are informal and fun – we speak in a conversational and personable tone.
We communicate in a simple way and avoid complex terminology, abbreviations, and professional jargon. Our messages are clear, direct and understandable to a wide audience.
Using humor
We are fun, but we take care to ensure that our humor does not offend anyone. We reserve humor only for joyous occasions and avoid touching on sensitive issues.
We believe that a brand is more than just a visual identity. That is why we carefully considered every detail: our packaging is pleasant to the touch, our customer service staff are responsive, and our site navigation can be understood at a glance.
Non-stop eye-stopper
Thousands of people notice them – on the main avenues, in quiet courtyards, on the way to work or from home. Ozon's largest physical form of branding is our flagship delivery vehicle fleet, with more than 1000 cars filling city streets across the country every day.
Dressed for success
Our last-mile team is immediately recognisable in Ozon's uniform, with its minimalist design and basic colouring. Our main priority is to outfit our employees with high-quality and well-tailored designs.
Always near
Our delivery pickup points are a friendly and multifunctional space that reflects the company's commitment to being closer to its customers.
Brands can create a unique sensory customer experience, and packaging is the most common touchpoint – literally – with our customers. Our packaging is bright and memourable, durable, and pleasant to the touch.