Products of the Month

Ozon launches insurance platform

Ozon is beginning to incorporate insurance services into its ecosystem. The first product on offer on the marketplace is OSAGO. More products will be added to the insurance platform in 2021. Ozon intends to offer insurance for legal entities, including both sellers and platform partners, on top of the B2C insurance services already available.

This will let Ozon act as a go-between, allowing the client to browse a wide range of potential offers from leading market players. Ozon has worked with a number of partners to facilitate the launch of OSAGO. These partners include Tinkoff Insurance, Alfa Insurance, Soglasie, MAKS, VSK Insurance House, and Renaissance Insurance. The number of partners will continue to expand, with other leading insurance companies coming on board.

Customers can apply for a policy directly through Ozon, without switching to any of our partner sites. The OSAGO process is completely electronic, with clients receiving their policy by mail and on their Ozon account page.

"Insurance is yet another fintech service incorporated into the Ozon ecosystem. It is designed to make the platform even more convenient for users, allowing us to take care of almost all of our customers’ needs in one place. Ozon has more than 11 million loyal customers. Amongst these are motorists and car lovers, both of whom can now purchase basic insurance via the familiar and user-friendly Ozon platform. We have chosen to launch with OSAGO, a policy which can be easily processed online. In the near future, we will expand the list of available products and bring even more partners on board," said Vahe Ovasapyan, Vice President, Digital Finance at Ozon.