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Ozon to update its loyalty programme with the addition of cashback and premium sellers

Ozon is improving the terms of its loyalty programme and introducing an additional option for customers: cashback in the form of Ozon points for purchases of premium goods. The range of products in this category will be determined by premium sellers, who will receive exclusive opportunities to operate in the marketplace.

Basic cashback in the updated Ozon Premium programme will amount to up to 5% of the product price. Customers will also be able to spend cashback points on premium goods at the rate of one rouble per point. It will be possible to use points to pay for up to 99% of the purchase price.

The updated Ozon Premium offering will be available beginning 15 June. From that moment on, more than a million premium products from marketplace sellers will appear on the site, and their number will only grow. Cashback for all Ozon Express products will be available by default.

At the same time, the current subscription rates will not change; subscriptions will continue to offer the exclusive discounts with which users are already familiar, along with simplified procedures for returning items and free shipping.

Premium products and sellers

Products for which cashback is available will be sold only by premium sellers. Their special status will give them, first and foremost, access to the loyalty programme’s unique audience. According to Ozon’s statistics, the average ticket of these customers is 60% higher than that of non-members.

Premium status will highlight a seller’s products on the virtual shelf. Premium sellers will also have priority access to technical support and increased delivery limits at Ozon fulfilment centres.

Another advantage of being a premium seller is that cashback is co-financed by Ozon itself – the marketplace will at least double the seller’s points for a product. Participation in the loyalty programme for sellers is completely voluntary. Entrepreneurs have to give their consent, and they can also leave the programme at any time.

In order to obtain premium status, a seller needs to sell goods at prices that are no higher than market prices and that have an average product score of at least 4.5. For sellers that deliver from their own warehouses (FBS model), the timeliness of deliveries will also be taken into account in addition to the price and points for goods.

If a premium seller no longer meets the requirements for the status by, for example, increasing their prices, they will have two weeks to fix the problem; after that, they will lose their status.

Vahe Ovasapyan, Vice President for Digital Financial Services at Ozon, said: “We have made a truly cooperative loyalty programme, a significant part of which is now formed by marketplace sellers. At the same time, we are more than doubling our reward points offering: this is Ozon’s contribution to supporting the business of our entrepreneurs. And the best part is that the benefits that sellers and Ozon give to shoppers, the shoppers will spend on premium goods – that is, they will also be supporting entrepreneurs.”